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Wireless Technology


Mobile devices are a necessity in the business space, and with an average of 2–3 mobile devices per user they are demanding stronger, more reliable internet access. Connecting your mobile devices to an unsecured Wi-Fi connection puts your data at high risk of unauthorized access. Wireless network security begins with your network infrastructure. Our certified cabling experts and network engineers team up to provide you with a turnkey solution for your Wi-Fi needs. The wireless access point is only one component of a properly configured wireless network. We partner with industry leaders in the Wi-Fi arena to build a secure wireless network for your business.

Use application control to block sites that consume excess wireless bandwidth. Set time restrictions or bandwidth limits by user or device. Protect sensitive data with a personal sign-on for each user. Keep track of your network traffic with a cloud-based portal that provides detailed real-time feedback on the sites visited, bandwidth used per device, and which applications are used most.

Consult with our team today to update your business Wi-Fi and offer secure and reliable internet access to your employees and guests.