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TSpec Support Plans


The self-monitoring service is ideal for corporations with an in-house IT department. Deploy our state-of-the-art network monitoring tools on your network at a fraction of the cost. Monitor the health of all connected network devices, schedule network wide patches and updates, and scan for viruses from a single sign-on.


With the pay-as-you-go option, you call us when you need us. It’s that simple. Don’t over pay for services you aren’t using, and there are no fixed monthly commitment. From the first service call we will set you up with a trusted support team to handle your service requests on an as-needed basis. If you prefer a fixed monthly service plan please see our Managed Service options.

Flat Rate Scheduled Support

Tired of unpredictable network expenses? The Flat Rate Scheduled Support is the perfect way to budget your monthly support costs. We tailor the contract to meet your needs and include regularly scheduled weekly, biweekly, or monthly support with your agreement so we can proactively address issues before they cause problems on the network.