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1973 - 2023


Customized cost-effective video distribution solutions for Education, Healthcare, and Government sectors

CATV Systems

TSpec is a provider of complete turnkey television distribution systems for schools, government facilities, and libraries. Our designed CATV systems allow schools to distribute television signals, remote origination content, arriving at the facility via cable television and/or fiber cable, to each room within the school/library. The CATV system can used to broadcast public television, training videos, private station broadcast and or educational videos to all locations at the your demand.


Head-end Equipment

TSpec designs and installed CATV head-end equipment that can selectively choose channels and add other content to a custom channel lineup for presentation to small and large audiences.

Coax Cabling RG59/RG6 For CATV

Traditional CATV distribution systems utilizes coax cable to deliver quality video throughout a facility to each television set. These systems, while very effective, require careful design to assure proper signal strength at each TV.