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Support Services

We stand behind our industry standard IEEE compliant cabling installations with a 10 year guarantee.

Moves, Adds, and Changes (MACs)

Imagine coming to the realization your equipment has arrived and cannot be deployed unless infrastructure cabling and support systems are quickly designed and installed. TSpec can help you to solve your problem quickly. We take on all MAC projects, large and small. Whether the changes involve moving equipment, relocating data closets, setting up temporary data closets, or adding data/voice cables, TSpec’s professional team of technicians are ready to assist.

TSpec can provide technicians for MAC work on an ongoing basis. Our certified technicians can be deployed to your site with one business day to move, upgrade, or expand any part of your data network. Our BICSI certified team will work with you to design your needed changes and make certain you meet your time table expectations.

MAC Support Service Examples:

  • Addition of voice, data, fiber or coax cables
  • Adding or removing wireless access points
  • Adding patch panels
  • Relocating workstations and printers
  • Relocating servers and network components
  • Data Center relocation
  • Temporary data center design and setup
  • Data center wire management
  • Re-cabling infrastructure to improve band width

TSpec will perform MAC work during peak or off peak hours. Our team are available 24/7 to perform critical task while allowing your office to stay productive.

Contact TSpec at 301.306.7000 for Support Services. We are ready to assist.