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About Managed Services

TSpec Managed Services Plans

Businesses depend on their Information System infrastructures, but it can be a challenge keeping it up to date ensuring company information is protected from viruses, malware and cyber breaches. Our clients need solid disaster recovery schemes to protect against ransomware attacks, fire, floods and theft. TSpec’s flexible Managed Services program, provides businesses with cloud backups for disaster recovery, malware protection, network monitoring, and daily support at one budget predictable monthly flat fee.

Managed Services are quickly replacing traditional “Break-Fix” support models, because they provide a more cost-effective method of managing and protecting your network.




Why our clients are choosing TSpec Managed Services?

  • Improved network security

  • Proactive approach to IT problems

  • Less costly downtime

  • Access to newer technologies

  • Cost savings over break-fix support

  • Peace of mind

  • Free Consulting for strategic work

  • Best practice cloud solutions

  • We become your In-House-IT Staff

  • Remote end-user IT support

How Does a TSpec Managed Services Plan Work?

  1. We assign a dedicated certified staff to your account to install a small agent program to your server, desktops, network printers etc. That agent securely connects to the TSpec call center.

  2. Your assigned team assesses your network and gathers information about various software vendors, internet service providers, hosting companies, etc.

  3. We provide and install content filtering and anti-virus software at no additional fee.

  4. The installed monitoring agent provides a 24x7 proactive look into your network by your assigned support staff. We are able to proactively resolve issues before they become major problems.

  5. Application support for outlook, adobe etc., is available Monday-Friday 7:30am to 5:00pm. Emergency helpdesk support is available 24/7.

  6. All Systems are patched and updated off hours.

  7. When problems occur, large of small, we immediately notify you and provide a timetable for resolution. If you have a gold or platinum plan, we resolve at no additional cost to you.

  8. Your assigned certified engineer will make regularly scheduled visits to your office, for additional support and proactive maintenance.

  9. All support is provided at a monthly budget friendly flat rate.


Our consultation and project assistance ensures your business keeps pace with today’s emerging support options by helping identify and implement the correct plan for your organization. We assess your needs, provide options and give you the flexibility scale up or scale down. Each option is clearly presented and easy to follow. Unlike most MSP’s, TSpec’s Managed Services Plans are customizable and designed to match the uniqueness of each client. We have support plans to match every budget.

Cloud Services

Our Managed Services can help your business excel with proper cloud services:

  • Cloud Back-up

  • Cloud-readiness assessment

  • Cloud Server & Desktop solutions

  • Office 365

  • Microsoft Azure

24/7 Help Desk Support

Connect with our Help Desk support 24x7. 365 days a year, we are available whenever you need us.

On-Site Support Resolution

Guaranteed Response times for on-site problem resolution for technical issues that cannot be resolved remotely.

Network Services

  • Networking Monitoring

  • Proactive Support

  • Patch Management

  • Remote Backup

  • On-Premise Backup Monitoring

  • Remote Problem Resolution

Core Plans:

  • Self-Monitoring

  • Pay As You Go

  • Flat Rate Scheduled Support

  • Silver Support

  • Gold Support

  • Platinum Support


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