On-Site Managed Services

In our On-site IT Operations offering, a team of TSpec engineers will work at your location as an integral part of your IT organization. Our On-Site managed service support operates 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. We review your requirements and follow a disciplined process that enables us to consistently manage your infrastructure and improve service delivery over time. TSpec’s On-Site Managed Services Team will partner with your organization to assess your needs, cost, current processes and future expectations to develop a solution to meet and exceed contractual service level expectations.

Our process is based on best practices and a common-sense approach to your environment. We support a diverse range of IT technology through our unique logistics approach and our experience with a wide variety of equipment. Working together with our customers, we can assign a level of importance to the technology and offer support according to its importance to your business, not in relation to its age. Our Managed Services are designed to be flexible and we can deliver individual solutions by combining services to meet your specific requirements.

Internal Quality Assurance Process for Managed Services

With our On-site managed services, TSpec enables clients to improve IT service delivery. Whether we complement your IT team’s activities or provide complete IT operations management, you receive exactly the help you need.

Today, more than ever, TSpec depends on the quality of our internal assurance processes. A business climate driven by demands for better governance, accountability and transparency has created new demands on internal service audits. TSpec’s management is asking tough questions of our support groups on the quality and effectiveness of our service program.

Of particular interest and importance is the strategy of senior management interfacing with clients to insure “top down” quality support services. The TSpec culture begins with and revolves around well-defined processes, both as an organization and in the day-to-day operations of critical service delivery to our clients.


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